How far can I travel?

Limitless. With Worldwide service the Flewber team can take you to any destination you desire.

Will the plane wait at the airport for my return?

Yes, the crew and plane will wait for your return for a nominal fee. In most cases, overnights can be arranged as well, but it does reach a point in some cases of being more being more cost effective to have the aircraft leave and return.

Is catering arranged for me?

Yes, catering can be arranged to suit all of your dietary needs.

What about Customs?

For most international flights, you just need to bring your ID, passports and visa. All other customs documents will be waiting on your aircraft for you.

What if I need security?

Our staff can arrange all of your security needs.

Will you keep my anonymity?

With the exception of government agencies both internationally and domestically (such as flying into DCA or a return from overseas). Your privacy is always respected.

How many people can I bring with me?

You are only limited by the aircraft that you choose.

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