Learjet 75 Liberty

Super Light Jet Charter

Learjet 75 Liberty Specifications

Passenger Capacity
8 Passengers
Baggage Capacity
50 Cubic Feet
2080 Nautical Miles
621 MPH
Cabin Dimensions
19.8 ft L x 5.1 ft W x 4.9 ft H
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The Learjet 75 Liberty has a spacious forward cabin and available executive suite layout  providing the most legroom and quietest, smoothest ride. It is the only super light jet certified to the industry’s highest safety standards. The Learjet 75 is able to fly at altitudes up to 49,000 feet, high above bad weather and congested flight lanes. Fly from New York to Miami or New York to Aspen in style with the Learjet 75’s outstanding range. The Learjet 75 provides comfort and luxury comparable to a larger aircraft, letting you enjoy the optimal travel travel experience and value, combined with performance to get you where you’re going. We have many other types of super lights jets and other jet and turbo prop aircraft available.