Gulfstream G450

Heavy Jet Charter

Gulfstream G450 Specifications

Passenger Capacity
16 Passengers
Baggage Capacity
130 Cubic Feet
4350 Nautical Miles
550 MPH
Cabin Dimensions
40.4 ft L x 7.4 ft W x 6.2 ft H
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The Gulfstream G450 is a luxurious, efficient, powerful aircraft that is perfect for travelling in and out of any airport worldwide. It is as stylish as it is high-performance, and fully equipped to fulfil all travel needs. There are many cabin layouts available, including space for up to 16 passengers seated or 6 sleeping. The cabin has a galley, multiple lavatories, and multiple seating areas. Whether for family or business travel the Gulfstream 450 delivers a comfortable, luxurious experience that is second to none, the preferred craft amongst our VIP clientele.