Challenger 350

Super Midsize Jet Charter

Challenger 350 Specifications

Passenger Capacity
10 Passengers
Baggage Capacity
106 Cubic Feet
3200 Nautical Miles
635 MPH
Cabin Dimensions
25.2 ft L x 7.2 ft W x 6 ft H
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The Challenger 350 is the best super midsize private jet in its class. With one of the largest cabins available, almost as large as a long range jet, you will travel in comfort and luxury, and arrive refreshed. The Challenger 350 is a top choice for medium and long range private jet charter.  Fly cross country between New York and Los Angeles, or to the Caribbean, or even South America or Europe non-stop. The Challenger 350’s next level comfort and ultra smooth ride give you an in flight experience that is second to none. Seating is available in multiple configurations depending on the aircraft, as a double club or  even a 3 person divan layout. We have many other types of ultra-long range jets available as well.